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Apply for the Studio Tisch 2019 Summer Season

Studio Tisch is the flagship program of GAAA’s alumni service outreach. Each summer, Grad Acting alumni can apply to use rehearsal rooms, theaters, and other 5th Floor resources to create their own work and explore their own artistry, free from potentially limiting commercial concerns of “the business.”

The Studio Tisch season begins in June and runs through the first week of August. Applications are accessed through this GAAA website and become available every February, with the application deadline falling in middle to late April. Fees to use the program are minimal: a $25 application fee is assessed for projects using only classroom space, while a $50 application fee covers projects using a theater and design elements. All projects are assessed a refundable $25 security deposit.

Projects range from development of new material, informal readings, workshops exploring a specific topic or focus, “classes” for those developing teaching curriculums/experience, to scene study series, semi-staged readings, and Bare Bones productions using reparatory light and sound elements. Participation is limited to Grad Acting alumni, with occasional exceptions made for non-Grad Actors per prior approval with the Studio Tisch Directors.

The Studio Tisch season culminates with our annual Alumni Cabaret and End-of-Summer Soiree. Participation is open to all Grad Acting alumni independent of other Studio Tisch participation. Material is selected by the participant and can be anything from musical performances to clowning lazzis to spoken word to magic acts to stand up. The cabaret is a vivid celebration of our alumni’s diverse talents — part open mic night, part Sharings, all inspiration.

The Studio Tisch initiative represents the highest aspirations of our GAAA mission; by connecting our alumni across the decades in artistic collaboration, we expand the reach of our NYU network and plant seeds that will generate increasing opportunity and support for our grads in the years to come.

Contact us with questions or comments about the Studio Tisch program.


GAAA-LA is the Los Angeles wing of the Grad Acting Alumni Association. The group knows good things happen when two or more GAAA artists enter the same space. The central mission is to engage the local LA alumni and support alumni moving to the City of Angels to grow their careers.

GAAA-LA sponsors an annual Spring Social around the graduating class' weekend trip to show their work to the film and TV industry. In the past, GAAA-LA has sponsored social events, numerous festivals of new works (FallFest), and continuing education workshops.

For more information, please contact Gary Dean Ruebsamen ('88).


A key part of fostering and deepening the relationship between Grad Acting and the alum base is our mentoring program. Each graduating student is offered a mentor, an alum who has been in the profession for at least five years. The newbie gets a sounding board and advice from someone who has been there. And the mentor gets an up-close and personal look at the current evolution of the school, and a chance to help the newest GAAA members. This has become an incredibly valuable and popular component of Grad Acting.

Match-ups are made by faculty, who are always eager to hear about alums interested in the program.

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Tuition Freedom

If successful, the Tuition Freedom Campaign could make NYU’s Graduate Acting Program tuition-free for every student in perpetuity.

The GAAA is committed to exploring the feasibility of Tuition Freedom because we recognize the difficulty of sustaining a heavy debt burden as an artist and have a deep desire for the program to sustain the excellence for which it is renowned.

THE TUITION FREEDOM CAMPAIGN is completely alumni-driven and relies on the heart, guts and ingenuity of our graduates. Many programs across the country have endowments that make the pursuit of an arts degree in higher education a reality for many talented students. We have a chance to make an enormous difference in the lives of emerging artists with our contributions – we should take it.

If you want to get involved in THE CAMPAIGN (ideally by writing a check for the $20 million needed, which would make our work a whole lot easier!), send us a note. If you’re an experienced or wannabe fundraiser, we definitely need your help.

You don’t have to be a wealthy philanthropist to make Tuition Freedom happen – financial donations of all sizes will help us fulfill our goals for THE CAMPAIGN.

Our Progress

So much has happened since we last made a progress report. We have continued to refine a strategy both long term and short. In the long term, our goal remains constant – Tuition Freedom. But how do we get there?

Over the years, we have been charting the growth and participation of our givers. We continue to see a wider range of participation and steady growth to giving. In order to meet our large goal, i.e. Tuition Freedom, we have decided to start smaller and endow all of our named scholarships. There are several named endowed scholarships (they have a minimum of $100,000). They are the Ron Van Lieu and Paul Walker Scholarships.

A few years ago, the GAAA board made the final contribution of $3,500 to endow the Olympia Dukakis Scholarship. We also created the Batima Tené Cochran Scholarship in 2010, and through our fundraising effort The Big Walk, engaged with our alumni base to endow an award in her name.

Through the generosity of time, funds and participation of our NYU community, we now have our own alumni-based scholarship— the NYU Fund! We were able to award a $3000 scholarship to a first-year student that will follow that student for all three years- a total of $9000. This year we are doing it again! An incoming first year will receive a $3000 award that will follow them through their whole career at Grad Acting. We will donate $18,000 over the course of 5 years. This incredible achievement is largely due to your continued support and the tireless efforts of the volunteers of GAAA.

As with most things that are Grad Acting, our effort is homegrown and self-motivated…frankly, we are improvising. We need you to help us continue to grow, organize and fund this important initiative. Our alumni are unique individuals with strongly held beliefs and a passionate follow through. If you can contribute those extraordinary assets to our effort, we can make a bigger difference than we already have. Together we can make all of our goals a big, beautiful, Tuition-Free artistic reality.

Grad Acting Alumni Fund

We have created the Grad Acting Alumni Fund to further those goals and enable our graduates to go forth as distinguished artists and contributing citizens, unencumbered by prohibitive debt. The GAAA Fund supports this website, as well as the Programs & Initiatives listed on it.


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Our Mission

As alumni of the NYU Tisch School of the Arts Grad Acting Program, we are passionate about the training we received and dedicated to enhancing our essential roles as artist citizens. We have created the Grad Acting Alumni Association to engage and connect the alumni of our program.

Through the GAAA, the combined power of our alumni’s skills and talents will function as a multidimensional support mechanism, helping us to excel as the artist citizens we were trained to become. In collaboration with our NYU colleagues and other supporters, our Association is committed to sustaining the Grad Acting Program’s excellence, competitive edge, and diversity for years to come.

What the GAAA Does

  • Facilitates opportunities to develop and showcase new work
  • Builds and sustains a network of our graduates
  • Maintains an interactive website
  • Raises funds for the Grad Acting Alumni Fund, which will ensure Tuition Freedom in perpetuity for the program’s future students

The Board of GAAA

Olivia Gilliatt ('14)
Ben Graney ('08)
Rebecca Haden ('17)
Margaret Lacey ('99)
Krystel Lucas ('08) - Chair
Ann Mathews
Rachel Mewbron ('11)
Joshua David Robinson ('14)
Gary Dean Ruebsamen ('88)
Danielle Skraastad ('99)
Rich Topol ('87)
Victor Williams ('95)
Elizabeth Zins ('98)