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  • Hello and welcome to the GAAA Alumni Profile Page Form!
    A feature of the new GAAA website is that each alumnus has their own profile page as part of the website's alumni roster. Keep in mind, this form and the info it requests (which will populate your profile page) is entirely optional. Pick and choose what you want to include. Any field left blank will not be included on your profile page. If you choose not to fill this form out, only your name and graduation year will show in the roster. And don't worry – you can always come back to this form and resubmit if you need to add more at a later time or make changes. Please note: This is different from your membership site profile. This is for the alumni roster on the GAAA website, which is public.

  • Your name as you want it to be displayed on your page.
  • This is the photo that will be displayed as a thumbnail and also on your profile page. * Please make sure the photo is at least 450 pixels wide and no more than 1000 pixels wide. *
    Accepted file types: jpg, png.