Effective April 18th, 2012 Your privacy is extremely important to us, and we take safeguarding it very seriously. First, it is the intention of The Graduate Acting Alumni Association (GAAA) that all members of this website be alumni of the NYU Grad Acting Program. This is defined as: “If you graduated either from the Graduate Acting Program at NYU (the mid-1980s to the present) or finished with a B.F.A. or M.F.A. in Acting or Directing from the Theater Program of the School of the Arts at NYU (from 1968-the mid-1980s).” Any person who is registered as a member of the The Graduate Acting Alumni Association Website who is not an alumnus will be listed under the “non-alumni” menu of the class rosters. There will be no “anonymous” members. The Graduate Acting Alumni Association will use your email address and/or snail mail address to inform you of Alumni-related news and events. You can manage your privacy and mail settings through our email correspondances, or by registering and clicking on the “Settings” link in the “My Page” section of the membership-only area of the website. Once a member and logged-in to the site, what you read or write will be public (excluding personal information), but only members can participate in discussions. In an effort to grow as an organization, all alumni will be subscribed to emails from the Grad Acting Alumni Association, but are free to unsubscribe at any time. The GAAA will not share any information with third party vendors, but we do maintain a cooperative relationship with the NYU Grad Acting Department, and may share information with them. Trust is a big component of the community we are building, and we are committed to making this site a safe and trusted place to go. We understand that we will have to be vigilant to make sure the community stays secure, and we will be. From time to time, we may amend this policy. The latest version will always be listed here, along with the date it was implemented.

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Our Mission

As alumni of the NYU Tisch School of the Arts Grad Acting Program, we are passionate about the training we received and dedicated to enhancing our essential roles as artist citizens. We have created the Grad Acting Alumni Association to engage and connect the alumni of our program.

Through the GAAA, the combined power of our alumni’s skills and talents will function as a multidimensional support mechanism, helping us to excel as the artist citizens we were trained to become. In collaboration with our NYU colleagues and other supporters, our Association is committed to sustaining the Grad Acting Program’s excellence, competitive edge, and diversity for years to come.

What the GAAA Does

  • Facilitates opportunities to develop and showcase new work
  • Builds and sustains a network of our graduates
  • Maintains an interactive website
  • Raises funds for the Grad Acting Alumni Fund, which will ensure Tuition Freedom in perpetuity for the program’s future students

The Board of GAAA

Olivia Gilliatt ('14)
Ben Graney ('08)
Rebecca Haden ('17)
Margaret Lacey ('99)
Krystel Lucas ('08) - Chair
Ann Mathews
Rachel Mewbron ('11)
Joshua David Robinson ('14)
Gary Dean Ruebsamen ('88)
Danielle Skraastad ('99)
Rich Topol ('87)
Victor Williams ('95)
Elizabeth Zins ('98)